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A Fallen Hero is one who has sacrificed the ultimate, his or her life, in the service of others. If a Member of our Military loses his or her life while in service to country, in whichever branch of the United States Armed Forces he or she served, that service member is considered a Fallen Hero. Members of Fire Departments, Police and all Law Enforcement Agencies, Border Patrol, and Emergency Responders who die in the line of duty are also considered fallen heroes. Portraits can also be requested for Citizen Heroes who have given their lives in order to save others.

In the United States, our Armed Forces (listed alphabetically) include: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Included in the various branches are: Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Marine Corps Forces Reserve, and Navy Reserve.

A Fallen Hero Portrait can be done for the family of a Fallen Hero from any war or peace keeping mission the United States Armed Forces has participated in beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Wars and Peacekeeping missions with United States military involvement include, but are not limited to: The Attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, First Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan. (Click on Artist Gallery to find out about discounts on all Veterans’ paintings – whether they served in peace time or war.)