Painting Specifications

In my portrait commissions, I strive to go beyond a literal interpretation of the subject into the realm of my own vision and understanding of the person. Achieving this can be a challenge when working with photographs, nevertheless it can be done. One photograph usually does not tell the whole story, which is why several pictures are requested. There is some truth in each photograph, but not the whole truth. Sometimes a picture can “lie” a bit or offer some distortion (depending on the camera, film, lighting, etc.) This is why I say the more pictures the better. After looking them over carefully, I do seem to “find the person.”

Any additional information gleaned from the family regarding personality traits, etc. is helpful when gaining insight into the heart of our hero. During communication with the family, they can relate to me how formal or informal they would like the painting to be – casual or dress uniform, for instance. Most of the hero portraits are 20” x 16.” However, the size can be adjusted according to the family’s wishes. It is generally considered that portraits should be painted life-size or a little smaller.

All portraits are done on high quality acid free stretched canvases. The oil paints and mediums used are of the finest professional grade available. It is essential that the paints be free of fillers (often found in less expensive lines) in order to achieve the high level of coloration needed in fine portraiture.

My wish is to give each family a museum quality portrait of their loved one, a portrait that can be handed down for generations; and one that will serve to memorialize their son, daughter, spouse or parent in a special way.