Fallen Hero SPC Travis R. Bruce, United States Army

SPC Travis R. Bruce

March 8, 1983 – March 23, 2005
U. S. Army

Army Spc. Travis R. Bruce died in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Iraq on March 23, 2005. Travis joined the Army in September of 2002 shortly after graduating from Mayo High School in Rochester, MN. After undergoing Military Police Training he was deployed for his first tour in Iraq in April 2003. His platoon was assigned the duty of Personal Security for Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, and Travis was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for his outstanding performance in that duty. In February of 2005 he deployed for his second tour in Iraq where his squad provided security for an Iraqi police station.

Even while he was stationed a world away Travis always kept in touch with family and friends. Before the Army, I’m hearing that he was a rather shy reserved boy. He loved to fish, play softball and football. When he was a child he loved the rain, which meant the worms came out and he could go fishing! He always had a grin on his face, and was a fun loving person with true loyalty and devotion. States his aunt, "He left for the army a boy, and came home a young man. He was still soft-spoken, but he was more sure of himself." While home on a two-week leave from Iraq, Travis participated in a Veteran’s event, speaking to students about his experiences in combat. And while he seemed relieved to be home for a bit he was also anxious to get back to his unit where he felt such a strong connection and a true sense of obligation.

Travis was a valued son, brother, uncle, friend and soldier. His commander said: "I will never forget the gesture of dedication, commitment and assurance. He was willing to go the distance without any regrets." Travis was posthumously promoted to Corporal. And a friend who was also a soldier alongside Travis said it all, "In truth we could have never met a more caring person. No matter what obstacle he had to overcome, no matter how hard life became, he never quit, he never gave up, and as a friend he never left you behind."

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