Fallen Hero SPC Scott G. Warfield, US Army Reserve

SPC Scott G. Warfield

June 19, 1984 - March 28, 2013
U.S. Army Reserve

Scott Warfield was born and raised in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Growing up he loved the outdoors…….hunting and fishing were his favorite activities. Scott was the youngest of five children. His parents, Elaine and Bob Warfield tell me that Scotty was very affected by 9/11. Following his graduation from Ambridge High School Scott knew he wanted to join the Military. Elaine related to me that he made it home safely after a year at war in Iraq where he was a sniper. However he suffered from PTSD, and even though he was in therapy the war experience was too much for this gentle soul, so their dear son Scotty took his own life.

It’s hard to imagine the pain that families of suicide victims go through. As we talked Elaine told me all about her son, his kindness, his humor, and his helpful nature. She related how he helped an elderly man in their hometown who could not properly take care of himself. Scotty regularly went to this man’s house to help him with bathing, eating, and household chores, for which Scott accepted no payment. Even though this young man suffered greatly at times with his depression he still loved to make others smile. He also was hard working and very financially responsible. Before he died he had all of his papers in order and left a note for his parents……a note that his mother describes as ‘gut-wrenching’.

Scott was a great photographer, and he loved Gettysburg. A favorite person in Scott’s world was his Uncle Jimmy who died quite young and is buried at Gettysburg. The loss of this dear uncle was very hard for him to deal with. Scott went to his uncle’s grave and placed flowers there, the day before his own death. Elaine told me that I should put all that she shared with me into Scotty’s bio, in hopes that it will help other families. She and her husband do fund-raisers in their hometown, such as tournaments and silent auctions, to raise money for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), which has a special program for families of suicide.

This young man is very missed by his parents; his sisters Dominque, Stacy and Dawn; his brother Rob; many other family members; all of his friends and the entire town of Ambridge. The family has stated with great emotion how grateful they are to have a portrait of their son.

Portrait sponsored by:
Lee & Charlotte Wiskow, Rochester, MN, and Mrs. Lois Glass, Woodbury, MN