Fallen Hero CAPT Scott T. Rice, United States Marines” title=

CAPT Scott T. Rice

September 28, 1967 – May 10 1996
U.S. Marines

Scott Thomas Gerard Rice was born on Offutt Ai r Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. From a young age, Scott wanted to be in the military like his father, Thomas Rice. At the age of six he told his mother, Martha Rice, “Mom, I’m gonna fly!” Scott also loved playing the guitar and started his first band when he was in 8th grade. When called up to receive his high school diploma this National Honors Society member and senior class president received a standing ovation.

Scott attended the University of Kansas on a Navy ROTC scholarship. However he talked about being drawn to the Marines and in his sophomore year he officially discharged from the Navy and joined the Marines. In December of 1990 Scott married Susan whom he had met in college and they moved to Pensacola, Florida where Scott attended flight school and decided he wanted to fly the AH-1W Super Cobra. He graduated from flight school at the top of his class. After further training in California, Scott became an official Cobra pilot. He and Susan were sent to and stationed in Jacksonville, NC in 1992. His deployments include Somalia and Haiti. Scott was promoted to Captain in 1994.

In January of 1996 Susan gave birth to their son Patrick, and they were overjoyed. On May 10th of that year Scott was completing blue-green work-ups on a boat just off the North Carolina coast in Operation Purple Star, which was a combination of American and British forces. At 0200 several Cobras were flying over MC Base Camp Lejeune, training for a future deployment. The Commanding Officer’s directions were contradicting, and several issues led to a fatal mishap as Scott’s Cobra was hit by a CH-46 Cobra from above. Scott and co-pilot Joe Fandrey died immediately on impact. Twelve military personnel in the belly of the CH-46 also died. Given that all involved were the military’s best, the losses were extremely hard.

Captain Scott Rice lived by the Marine’s motto of “Duty, Honor, Country.” Scott’s sense of humor, intellect, and easy-going nature are a few of the strong traits seen in his son Patrick who is now in the United States Naval Academy. Besides his parents, wife, and son, Scott is survived by his brother David, sister Michelle, and numerous relatives and friends. It was my honor to paint this outstanding hero.

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