Fallen Hero PV2 Samuel M. Amunrud, United States Army” title=

PV2 Samuel M. Amunrud

August 26, 1994 - February 5, 2014
U.S. Army

This bio is written by Jo Amunrud, Sam’s mother:

Sam was posthumously awarded the Army Commendation Medal for “outstanding service while assigned as a Combat Engineer in the 111th Engineer Company. The commendation recognized him for his “dedication, sacrifice and commitment to excellence contributed to the overwhelming success of the company's missions. His motivation and desire to succeed instilled a winning spirit within his team. His performance reflects a great credit upon himself, the 111th Engineer Company, the 1st Engineer Battalion, and the United States Army”.

Some of the comments included in the recommendation for the award included; “displayed an understanding of the Army core leadership competencies at a level far above his rank... motivation, excellence, high work ethic, winning spirit, physical readiness, professionalism, flexibility, commitment and constant desire for self-improvement. He embodied the ideal that any soldier at any level, can drive improvement and change in an organization."

Sam's greatest goal was to be a good soldier and by every account he was on a path to making that a success. Many of the soldiers in his company attended his funeral and provided us with some insight into the man he had become. Many more wrote tributes on Facebook and shared their thoughts about Sam, describing him as the guy they could always count on when they needed someone to talk to, a humble guy with a sometimes misguided sense of humor and some crazy ideas. He was definitely loved and is greatly missed by all of us.

It is a blessing to know that in his short life and military career, he made an impact. He continues to live on in the memories and the gifts he left behind, the blessing of his Army friends and friends here at home that we now consider part of our family, and through his decision to be an organ donor and give others the gift of life.

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