Fallen Hero SGT Michael J. Beckerman, United States Army” title=

SGT Michael J. Beckerman

July 25, 1985 - December 31, 2010
U.S. Army

The following bio was written by SGT Beckerman's mother, Lisa McGregor

Army Sgt. Michael Joe Beckerman enlisted at 17 1/2 with his parent’s signature into the Missouri National Guard attending boot camp at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri as a Combat Engineer. His first tour to Iraq was with the Illinois National Guard. While in country he signed regular army, and returned for duty at Fort Stewart Ga. with the 3ID and completing his second tour to Iraq. Upon return, he transferred to Ft. Campbell Ky. with the 101st Screaming Eagles, served his third and final combat deployment to Afghanistan when he was killed in Action, on 31 December 2010.

Michael was high energy, fun-loving, and generous to a fault. He loved his job and his battle brothers. Many times he was into doing something, aggravating to annoying and loving to the point of tears, my greatest joy my greatest sorrow. He could make me angrier than anyone possible and make me laugh more than any other as well. He loved high adventure, friends and family and would make a point of visiting everyone possible when home on leave. No one was ever forgotten. He was humorous, charming, happy, wild and sentimental.

He enjoyed snowboarding, rollerblading, movies and music of all genres, gambling, and guns, anything active! An only child himself he is the father to one child, Brianna Jean Beckerman. He was in the process of completing his online degree certification Associate of Science in Firearm Technology to not only complete his military career until retirement, but also to attain his own business of Gunsmithing and shooting range after the army. He spent his childhood stating he wanted to be an “army man” … he spent over 2 yrs. of his young life introducing himself as Michael Joe Beckerman “Brother” much to my chagrin, he had decided he would be a brother one way or another. His heroes were, "any man or woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me”. Michael enjoyed life, and I feel, did everything, tried it all and made it his mission to enjoy a full complete life in his short years.

At 6’4” he would still bend over to hug and kiss his parents upon coming and going. Every time!!! I can still hear his laughter on the wind … and I know he misses each of us as much as we do him. He would not want us to be sad. He would be forever grateful, for the awards and accolades in his honor. There was nothing humble about Michael with the exception of “ just doing my job”, so he would be so very proud to know that so many honor and remember him in so many ways …… he would say thank you for your service and commitment to our veterans. He had a huge heart and an even bigger smile, so as his mom I thank you for showing the world his attributes by painting the glint in his eyes and that never ending grin.

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- Gary and Nancy Hayden - Rochester, MN