Fallen Hero Sgt Lawrence E. Paulsen, US Army” title=

Sgt Lawrence E. Paulsen

January 4, 1980 - April 27, 2013
U.S. Army

Sergeant Paulsen lost his life suddenly at the age of thirty three. I was contacted by his wife Karen to do his portrait. I asked her to tell me about Larry for the bio and this is what she wrote. Only a loving wife can tell us the heartfelt story.

“My husband was a soldier all the way. It was his passion more than anything else. He was a prankster and loved to make people laugh. He would find the humor in any situation. He didn’t like to see people cry or be sad. He loved his children more than anything in this world. Larry was deployed when I was pregnant with our daughter and he hated missing everything. He was able to come home for her birth though and he was BEAMING with joy at our precious baby girl. He was just as proud when we had our son 32 months later. They were his everything…….fortunately we didn’t have to move a lot while he was on active duty. We moved to California in 2011 and that is where our story took a sad twist. His PTSD was under control until then. He passed away in 2013 from an accidental overdose on his PTSD medications. We were shattered as a family…….He will always be remembered for his smile and his fierce love for his children.”

Karen went on to say that her son was so young that he doesn’t really remember his dad but loves to hear stories about him. Her daughter was a real ‘daddy’s girl, and misses him so every day. Karen stated how she misses the security that he provided for his family. He always made her feel safe, and she has not felt that since the day of his passing.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Karen, her children, their extended family, and all who knew and loved this terrific soldier. We are eternally grateful for his service and sacrifice.

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Sponsors: Corp. Curtis M. Swenson Memorial Fund, Rochester, MN