Fallen Hero LCPL Jon E. Bowman, United States Marines

LCPL Jon E. Bowman

March 27, 1985 – October 9, 2006
U. S. Marines

Wars going on in other parts of the world may seem distant to some, but the reality of these intense conflicts is hammered home when someone from your home town looses their life. Residents from the northern Louisiana parishes of Lincoln, Union, and Claiborne were stunned and saddened when the news came that Lance Corporal Jon Eric Bowman was killed in action in AR Ramadi, Iraq. Jon Eric was manning a .50 caliber machine gun when an IED - Improvised Explosive Device - detonated near his Humvee. He had left for Iraq on September 10 of that year. It was his second tour. Jill Puckett, his mother, states, "There is an indescribable pride I feel for my son. He died not only for me but for everybody."

Family members, friends, pastors, and fellow servicemen totaling more than 300 told stories in a group setting and one-on-one at Jon Eric's funeral at Cook Baptist Church in Ruston and at the burial. They remember him as an outdoorsman who worked hard and loved his family and country. A screen in front of the baptistery showed still photos from throughout the marine's life: Halloween costumes, baseball jerseys, tuxedos and fatigues. Several pastors spoke, and Rev. Mike Smith pointed out the true friendship Jon Eric demonstrated for his 'band of brothers'. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," he said, quoting John 15:13.

The reference photo that I worked from is the one Jill selected as her favorite. She said he cherished his gun......it was my first time of painting an M16 gun. Of course the challenge was my privilege.

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