Fallen Hero SSGT Donald L. Munn II, US Army

SSGT Donald L. Munn II

January 2, 1982 - October 11, 2007
US Army

Donald L. Munn of St. Clair Shores, Michigan graduated from Lake Shore High School in 2000. He went on to attend Western Michigan University for a year before joining the United States Army. He was assigned to Special Troops Battalion, 1st Calvary Division, Fort Hood, Texas. A true patriot, Donald was eager to defend his country, and served five years as a Military Policeman. While in Germany he met his future wife Jennifer where they both were stationed together. They had a daughter, Jordan, who was a year old at the time of her father’s death.

Donald was serving his second tour in Iraq, and was scheduled to come home in October of 2007, but his tour was extended until February of 2008. On October 11 he was leading his platoon on a mission in Baghdad when he sensed something was wrong, and tried to get all of his men out safely. He was the last to leave when an improvised explosive device detonated near his unit. He was 25 years old.

According to loved ones, Donald was described as quiet, and very caring. He was an active person who loved sports and was a great fan of the Detroit Tigers and the Notre Dame football team. A friend who had known Donald since the fourth grade said, “He was fighting for his country and he was loved by everybody!”

Donald is dearly missed by many family members and friends. It was my honor and pleasure to paint this portrait for his mother, Rae Linn Richards, who after patiently waiting for many months, received it a few days before Christmas. Here is just some of what this grateful Gold Star mom wrote to me: “I can’t thank you enough.......you captured his awesomeness.......this is the closest I have been to him in ten Christmases." I can't thank her enough(and all of Donald's family) for their sacrifice.

Portrait sponsored by:
Mrs. Darlene Quant, Rochester, Minnesota, and Mrs. Ginger Davis, Rochester, Minnesota