Fallen Hero Lance Cpl. Daniel Olsen, United States Marine Corps

LCPL Daniel R. Olsen

U.S. Marine Corps
March 15, 1987 - April 2, 2007

Born and raised in Eagan, MN, Daniel Robert Olsen seemed to have worn an array of hats in his young life. He sampled many sports... enjoyed karate, scouts, and 'lightly' teasing his two sisters. He was part of the drum line at Eagan High, was a valued worker at Camp Snoopy, and volunteered in the children's program at church. He liked being a part of things, especially helping others, but very much avoided the limelight. Having consideration for the military, Daniel enlisted in the Marines on his 18th birthday, and while it was hard for his parents, Wayne & Gwen Olsen, to watch him go, they supported his decision 100 percent. The challenges and brotherhood of the Marines suited him well. In January of 2007 he left for his first tour in Iraq.

On April 2nd, 2007 Daniel was shot and killed by a sniper while protecting a critical position at the police station in Saqliwiyah, Iraq. Daniel's commanders described him as, "A silent professional; reserved, modest and efficient. He was at the forefront of every one of his missions and had demonstrated proven courage under fire."

His amazing near photographic memory was a regular asset to his squad. His mother related to me that while they had some idea of this ability they didn't know the extent... like memorizing the serial #'s of all the soldier's service weapons in his platoon of over thirty! In a letter, Navy Medic Dirk Ellena wrote, "Daniel was the sweetest infantry saw-gunner I ever met." His parents state that their only son "was kind to, and respected everybody." I was honored to paint him in his Marine dress uniform.

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